Thursday, August 27, 2015

Interview With Jewell Tweedt, Author of "A Bride for the Sheriff"

Author Jewell Tweedt Joins Me for a Q & A

Q: It's nice to have you, Jewell! Let's jump right in. One genre in which you write is historical fiction. Where do you get the background information for your historical fiction stories?

A:  Thanks for interviewing me today. I get the background information for my historical fiction from my content knowledge as a history teacher. I've been crazy about frontier America since I was a little girl reading Laura Ingalls Wilder and Janette Oke and read extensively. I use my personal library and the internet to check my facts. 

Q:  I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder, too! I've always wanted to write historical fiction, but have shied away from it out of fear. But that's not all you focus on; you also write contemporary mysteries, correct? What inspires these? Do you enjoy crime shows on TV? If so, do you have a favorite?

A:  The contemporary mystery I am writing now (Boji Bound) was inspired by my vacations to Okoboji, Iowa and the beautiful lakes there. I enjoy NCIS, but mostly because Mark Harmon is so good looking!

Q:  I'd certainly have to agree with the Mark Harmon comment! But we'll save that for another time. Getting back on track, you have a new book coming out next month. Can you give us a little sneak peak?

A:  Yes I do have a new book that releases on September 19th from Prism Book Group. It is the second book in the Nebraska Brides series (A Bride for the Sheriff is book one) and it's title is A Lady for the Lawman. Here's a blurb:

On special assignment from the White House to the Nebraska Prairie undercover Pinkerton Agent Jason Reynolds always gets his man. Sent by President U.S. Grant to capture a loco ex-soldier accused of sealing Confederate gold, Jason falls for shopkeeper Arianna Quincy. Trouble is, she's not interested in him or his dangerous career. Can Jason get his man and his woman?   

This is my favorite book so far because it deals with a true Civil War mystery. What became of nearly one million dollars of gold and silver from the Confederate treasury?  Jefferson Davis sent it by wagon with teenage boys guarding it into the deep south to avoid confiscation by Yankees. To this day it has not been recovered.

Q:  That sounds intriguing! You said earlier that you're a teacher. With all the stress that job sometimes entails, how do you find the time and energy to write?

A:  As I mentioned, I teach American History. Most of my writing is done summers and week-ends. I try to maintain a schedule of one thousand words per day. Of course, there are many days I don't go near my home computer - after all, the great outdoors, books (and laundry) are calling - but I try.

Q:  If it weren't for laundry, I bet many writers would double the number of books they produce! In your spare time, what (aside from writing) do you enjoy?

A: My hobbies include reading, walking, boating and watching old war movies and westerns with my husband.

Q: Well, there ya have it, folks! Thanks so much for chatting with me, Jewell! Where can readers learn more about you and find your books?

A: My blog is and my books are for sale through the blog, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and of course Prism Book Group.  

Readers, check out Jewell's blog for more info on her books, and keep an eye out for "A Lady for the Lawman." Happy reading!