Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review of "Hush in the Storm" by Julie B. Cosgrove

"Desperation forced my body to push through the crushing pain in my chest. Inhale. Exhale. Each breath fought to get out, yet couldn't. They became more and more shallow. Was I suffocating? Was I running out of oxygen?"
What Jen thought was going to be a quick, innocent dinner (with a somewhat annoying coworker) turns into the wildest ride of her life. Kidnapped by someone claiming to know her deceased husband, Jen struggles to put her trust in anyone, not knowing who may be keeping dangerous secrets from her.   

What an incredible, heart-wrenching, hope-filled story Julie B. Cosgrove has woven in Hush in the Storm! Powerful emotion fills every page of this novel from start to finish. Julie creates memorable moments at each turn, pulling you into the heart and soul of her main character. When Jen's afraid, you're afraid. When Jen's confused and frustrated, you're confused and frustrated. You feel every spine-tingling sensation, every desperate hope, every throbbing betrayal right along with her. 

The author takes a very real, very dire situation and educates you about it through this book, intertwining edge-of-your-seat twists and turns along the way. She stabs your heart with a strong awareness of the horrific human trafficking problem our country faces by putting it right in front of you. If this story doesn't tug at your heartstrings and inspire you to get involved, nothing will. 

And in the midst of all that, Julie manages to subtly teach a lesson in faith - faith to give God control and wait for his timing, no matter how powerful your storm.  

Believable characters, a plot that never ceases to shock and intrigue, and descriptive visuals are just a few elements that make this book worthy of your time. I highly recommend it to anyone who...well, to anyone, really. Learn more about Julie and check out all of her books here

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